Brenda Li is the artist behind Summer and Muu comics. Her background is in graphic design and visual effects for Hollywood films. Her work includes films such as Transformers 3,  Tron and Thor.

In 2013, Brenda shifted her focus to online comics. Gaining followers from all over the world as a cartoon columnist and an author of 3 published books – 2 of which are published and sold overseas in Hong Kong and Macau. She has been featured on Huffington post and, while also being featured on TV, newspaper, radio and magazines. She is also a speaker at schools to inspire youth to pursue careers in the creative industry.

Brenda’s comics are highly relatable, and are known to be therapeutic as each comic strip is a celebration of a parent’s daily struggle and survival. Parenting is not easy, but you are never alone in this journey.

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Brenda Li 

bestselling author and illustrator